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The fee during the beta period is only 5%. When the beta period ends, about June 1, 2018, the fees will be increased to 35%. The fee amount will need to be regularly evaluated as the pool economics change. Although this seems like an awful lot, the fees need to be high enough to offset the masternode to staking ratio and bbp/rac economics.

For example if the pool needs 1,500,000 BBP to cover a RAC of 75,000 to achieve 100% UTXO. That 1,500,000 could be applied to a master node earning about 4,000 per day. With 75,000 RAC earning about 11,000 BBP per day, that would make the master node to staking relationship about 36%. Pool fees will need to be used to increase the BBP/RAC ratio as needed and to help cover my initial investment into the pool funds.

Here are more examples:

100000 2000000 5333 14500
200000 4000000 10666 29000
400000 8000000 21333 58000

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