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This pool is based from the Open Source Gridcoin PHP-Pool located on the Gridcoin Community Github. I have been operating a Gridcoin pool since January 2017 located at There are numerous videos and guides on how to use the pool which can be found on and general internet searching. Of course you need to swap any mention of GRC with BBP.


The pool is used as an Account Manager in your BOINC client. You will enter your website credentials into the Account Manager attach flow within BOINC. This should cause your host(s) to appear on your pool account on the website. Projects are then attached by selecting them on the website and having your BOINC client sync with the pool. BOINC then contaacts the project sites and runs tasks just like it would without using the pool. The pool queries the project sites every few hours to see what credit hosts have earned. After the pool stakes and earns BBP, the BBP is distributed to pool hosts based on their in pool magnitudes.

Step 1 - Sign Up / Login

The first step to using the pool is to establish an account. Us the "Sign Up" link at the top right corner of the website. Signing up requires minimal information of your email address, public researcher name, password, and a captcha check. After the account is created, you should be able to login to the site.

Step 2 - Account Manager

In order for the pool to track your BOINC credit, you need to use the pool's project keys to attach projects to your client. You must detach/remove any projects using your personal accounts you want to use in the pool. To use the Account Manager, go into the "tools" menu and select "use account manager". Next you need to manually enter the Account Manager url for the pool which is and then click "next". On the next screen, you will be asked for your pool credentials. This is the researcher name and password you used to create the account. Do not use your email address here as you would in a project attach flow. Choose "next" and if things go well, you should get a notice indicating Account Manager setup was successful and you can "finish".

Step 3 - Attaching Projects

If things went smoothly in Step 2, you should see the host within your pool account hosts listing page. From the hosts page click on the host name to get to its specific information. On the host page, you can select your projects from the dropdown you want to crunch on, and then "save project settings". Now return to your BOINC client and under "tools" menu there should be a menu item to "syncronize with". Choose that item. After the sync process completes, you should see projects within your BOINC initializing and downloading tasks to start crunching on.

At this point, you will likely still see a warning message on the pool about improperly connected projects. If you perform another manual sync on BOINC the warning message should go away indicating everything is opearting correctly. If the warning message persists, then you are not setup correctly and are not receiving pool credit.

Common Problems:
  • Duplicate Host - The BOINC projects use system properties such as the host name and MAC address to uniquely identify hosts. This often becomes an issue with single board devices such Raspberry Pis and Odroids. Many of these devices will look the same to the project site so they will get the same Host ID. Then when the host contacts the pool, the pool will refuse the host because it is really a duplicate. This problem can be avoided or fixed by changing the hostname and/or the MAC address on the devices. Note that BOINC needs to be uninstalled and data purged before making the changes.

Step 4 - Getting BBP

After your host has crunched tasks, been validated by the project site, and your data is available via project api, the pool will start showing you credit earned and generate an amount owed after staking occurs. In order to get your owed BBP, you need to supply a payout address which can be located on your main pool account page.

Contacting Me

I am usually available M-F 9-4 EST on the BBP discord as @bgb. You can also email me at [email protected]